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Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator.

Family Law Mediator Rachael Greene has the experience to effectively mediate any case.

With 20 years of experience, including years as a Guardian ad Litem, Rachael Greene, Mediator, understands the challenges facing husband and wife, father and mother, and children in any family law dynamic and has the tools, experience and training to help the parties come together in a mediation. Effective mediation often involves identifying the issues, finding the common ground, and recognizing where there are challenges to overcome. With her experience, Mediator Greene has the wisdom to help the parties and their attorneys through the process toward an amicable resolution. Whether a simple dissolution, contested child support, disagreement over timesharing, short-term, rehabilitative, or long-term alimony case, termination of parental rights, equitable distribution or modification of an existing marital settlement agreement or parenting plan, Rachael Greene is ready to mediate your case.

Our family law mediations are hosted at the St. Johns Law Group building, conveniently located in St. Augustine Beach, Florida. During mediation, you will find our conference rooms, breakroom and bathrooms consistent with high expectations for a professional environment, including a well-stocked supply of refreshments and snacks. Running long into the day, we routinely provide a late lunch during family mediations.